"I knew this would take some expert handling on the part of the mediator so I thought you were just the guy for the job." Unsolicited comment by a lawyer representing one of the parties to a mediation conducted by Chet Groseclose in September 2011.

An experienced litigator, Chet Groseclose has settled disputes throughout his career. For the past 15 years as a mediator he has been helping others do the same. Eighty nine percent of the cases he has mediated have settled. The results of mediation by category are:

Motor Vehicle Accidents:  87.3% settled
Medical and other professional negligence:  97.6% settled
Commercial and construction disputes: 81% settled
Others, including products liability, premises liability, property damage, employment/workers compensation, personal injury (other than MVA), violation of regulatory statute, conversion of public funds, probate, and fraud/bad faith: 84.8% settled

Mediation clients attest to Chet Groseclose’s skills and credibility as a mediator—patience, the ability to listen effectively, and the judgment to guide parties to a resolution.